Attendance Management

The Attendance Management System manages the monthly attendance records of the Temporary Academic Staff of the University of Peradeniya online.

For more information:

Before submitting attendance you should log into your workspace account : Workspace Login

If you have already logged in, directly visit : Attendance Management System

Guidelines to Submit Attendance

Note: Attendance should be submitted by the management assistant/office assistant of a department of study.

  1. Visit the Attendance Management System.

Note: If you click on the Get Started button, you will come across a Video Tutorial and the process of attendance submission

2. Then go to Submit Attendance.

2. Fill the above form for each employee and click on the Add Attendance button.

Note: When you click on the Add Attendance button, the entered details will be moved to a separate list and you can view that list, by clicking on the View List of Attendance button. You can remove attendance from the list if you wish.

3. Finally, you have to click on the Green colored button Submit Attendance List. After you click on the button, the relevant Head of the Department will be notified via Email

Note: You can track the progress of your submission by clicking on the “Attendance Log”