Request Staff Account

Academic staff of University of Peradeniya now has the privilege of having a workspace account which eases work and communication among colleagues

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Guidelines to Fill the Account Request Form

Visit the URL : and click on Request Staff Account.

  1. Start filling the form by choosing the Type of Registration and the Staff Category.

  1. Then enter your Job Title.

  1. Enter the name of the Faculty you work in and then the Department you belong to.

  1. Then enter your First Name, that is, your calling name or the name that is used to identify yourself.

Note: Do not enter your patronymic / ancestral name in the space given to enter the First Name

  1. Enter the Last Name / Surname / Family name in the space given for the Last Name.

  1. Make sure to enter your personal mobile number in the Mobile section, so that, the administration or other individual could easily contact you for any verification purposes.

  1. Next enter your personal email in the space given for Personal Email. The login information of the staff account would be sent to the email that you have provided therefore entering any other email as your personal email would put your privacy at risk.

  2. In the Preferred mail ID section, type any mail ID that you prefer having.

  1. For the Profile Image, upload an image which shows your full face as it is used to manage your digital ID and it would ease your colleagues to identify your workspace email.

  1. After filling the form accurately click on the Submit Form button to submit your request for the staff account.