Request Google Sites

Google Sites to Academic Staff Members for Official purposes only

Having someone build websites for your official requirements is good but it's way better if you could build them yourself. Therefore, the University of Peradeniya has decided to provide Google Sites to Staff members for Official use.

Importance of a Website

A website gives a lasting value to its content and is capable of reaching a limited group as well as a larger audience based on the audience you need to reach.

What is Google Sites?

Google Sites is a platform that makes creating a website easy and fast and it provides templates for users to fill it with text, images and links

Why Google Sites?

  • User friendly

  • No programming or database skills are required

  • No software installation is required

  • Ease of access from wherever you are

  • Fast and easy to edit

  • Integrated with other Google apps such as Google Docs, Slides, Forms and etc

  • An existing website can be copied and generated into Google Sites for backup or future use

Contents Created Using Google Sites

  • Google sites come in handy when fulfilling the requirement of creating content relevant only for a limited time, such as conferences.

  • Create websites for a limited group (for Unit use / Department Use / Faculty use)

  • Create websites for student societies

  • Use it as a method to gain an audience for any other programs that are to be conducted officially

The Method of Issuance of Google Sites

Google Sites are issued within the university domain only and the users get the chance to name the websites according to their preferences.