Leave Management

Leave Management helps the staff to apply for leave easily and it helps them to save time

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Guidelines to Request Leave

Visit the URL : portal.sites.pdn.ac.lk and click on Leave Management.

  1. To start with the request for leave, choose the Staff Category you belong to. The options are:

                  1. Academic Staff

                  2. Academic Support Staff

                  3. Non-academic Staff

                  4. Temporary Academic Staff

  1. Next, select the type of the leave that you hope to request (Casual, Sick or Duty).

  1. Select the name of the faculty in the Faculty menu.

  1. Choose the name of department you belong to from the Select Department drop down menu.

  1. Then enter The start date of leave.

  1. And the end date of leave.

  1. Enter the number of days you intend to request leave for(if you are applying for more than 3 days you should submit necessary details)

Note: You can only submit leave for the day before or for the present day and forward.

  1. Clearly enter the purpose of the leave.

  1. Before applying for leave you should make necessary arrangements to cover your work and the arrangements should be clearly described in the Arrangements for Work of Applicant box.

  1. An address should be forwarded at which the applicant could be contacted during the leave.

  1. After completing the request form, click on the Submit Leave Request button.

Note: You can view your leave requests in the LEAVE LOG tab. The logs can be

edited/updated before they are approved my the Head of the Department.