Guidelines for Online Reservation of Halls and Facilities

University of Peradeniya


The University of Peradeniya covers about 700 hectares of land, and the developed area covering approximately 130 hectares is occupied by buildings of the Faculties, administrative divisions, main library, gymnasium, etc. The nine Faculties have been established at a distance in identical locations while the Senate building, the administrative hub of the University, and other amenities are located centrally. Unlike in other Universities, the fact that the halls and facilities of the University of Peradeniya are spread widely tends to hinder their effective utilization and central administration. Further, many buildings and facilities are owned by Departments of Faculties thus limiting their use. As such, there seems to be integrand intra- Faculty underutilization of halls and facilities within the University of Peradeniya.

This situation has created several issues in the recent past within the University of Peradeniya. For instance, the newly established Faculties and Departments have failed to justify the building requirements as the space requirements are assessed for the ‘University’ as a whole by the UGC and the Ministry. Also, there have been several audit queries related to the underutilization of space in the buildings for which the University failed to provide valid justifications.

This unhealthy context now demanded sharing halls and facilities across Faculties, Departments, Units, and Centers of the University of Peradeniya. The ‘Online Halls Reservation’ system developed by the University aims to facilitate this endeavor.


The objectives of the ‘Online Halls Reservation’ system of the University of Peradeniya are as follows:

a) To ensure efficient utilization of halls and facilities of the University.

b) To assure the fair distribution of resources across the strategic units in achieving the vision and mission of the University.

c) To enhance value for money by not investing in idling assets.

d) To cut down the cost of bookings outside venues for the University events.

e) To develop links and networking across the strategic units increasing the possibility for future collaborations.


Given that the University of Peradeniya is a large and complex educational establishment, consisting of nine Faculties, many Departments, Units, and Centers, and engaged in diverse teaching, learning, research, and outreach activities, the sharing of halls and facilities have to be carefully planned without affecting the smooth operation of each entity. Hence, the following guidelines are proposed for the effective sharing of halls and facilities across the University of Peradeniya.

  1. An intended user shall look for internal space availability and facilities in the ‘Online Halls Reservation’ system in fulfilling his/her needs in the first instance. If the space availability and facilities are matched with the requirement, he/she can reserve the venue through the online system.

  2. The intended user shall reserve an appropriate external venue via the ‘Online Halls Reservation’ system if he/she cannot find a suitable hall or facility internally.

  3. The ‘Online Halls Reservation’ system follows a two-step process for external bookings:

a. The intended user needs to lodge an online request through the proper channel (e.g., Head of the Department, Dean of the Faculty) to the authorized officer of the hall or facility (e.g., Head of the relevant Department or Dean of another Faculty). This request shall include the required hall or facility, date/s and time, and purpose/s, among other necessary details.

b. The authorized officer shall honor the request by going through the details of the request if the purpose of booking is within the purview of the University of Peradeniya. Further, the authorized officer must provide the reason/s if he/she rejects the request. Once the booking is confirmed by the authorized officer, it cannot be changed for any reason other than for an exceptional situation.

  1. The bookings of external venues for undergraduate events shall be free of charge. However, overtime and other incidental charges shall be reimbursed by the user/booking entity. Other bookings, such as postgraduate events and self-financing activities, shall be fairly charged.

  2. In the case of external booking, the intended user or his/her authorized representative must be available in the venue throughout the event. He/she shall accept the responsibility for damages to all properties within the hall or facility.

  3. The authorized officer shall employ appropriate staff to look after the property during the event.

  4. It is the responsibility of the intended user or his/her authorized representative to hand over the external venue clean and tidy after the event.