Room Reservation

Academic Staff members now have the privilege of booking rooms and lecture halls online

Why booking online is helpful?

  1. The rooms will be utilized as intended.

  2. Availability of Rooms can be browsed.

  3. A staff member of a different faculty can book rooms in another faculty.

For more information:

Guidelines to make a Reservation

To start with, visit

1.1. If you have already logged into your workspace email, click on Room Reservation, you will be directed to the Google Calendar.

1.2. If you have not already logged into your workspace email, first log into it.

  • Then go to the Nine dots and click on Calendar.

2. Click on the Day you want to book a room for.

3. Click on the Date to select or deselect the All Day option, the time you need to reserve the room and whether you need to repeat the reservation.

4. Click on More options. Enter a Title for the reservation.

5. To find the availability of a room, you can select a room and then click on Find a Time.

6. Select an available time and save the booking by clicking on Save.

Note: Once you book a room, a mail will be sent to the particular Head of Department.

He/She has the ability to approve or reject the booking.


  1. If you need to reserve a room at the same time weekly. Click on the day you want to reserve and the following dialog box will appear. Click on the date.

2. If you do not want to reserve the whole day, uncheck All day.

3. Choose the time slot you need to reserve as shown below.

4. If you need to reserve the same day at the same time (eg: every Monday at 11.30 am to 12.30 pm), click on Does not repeat and select Weekly on Monday. This will reserve every Monday at the given time.